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  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Paraffin Dispersants
  • Crystal Modifiers
  • Corrosion Solvents
  • Sampling Service Companies
  • Combination Products/Blends
  • Scale Squeezers
  • H2S Scavengers
  • Non-Traizene Based Scavengers
  • Dissolvable Systems
  • Coil Tubing Companies
  • Chemical Atomizers
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Automated Chemical Pumps
  • Treater Trucks
  • Continuous injection systems
  • Capillary Strings
  • Dissolvable Systems
  • Coil Tubing Companies
  • Chemical Atomizers
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Automated Chemical Pumps
  • Treater Trucks
  • Continuous injection
  • Production Chemical Automation
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Automated Chemical Injection Solutions
  • Remote Tank Level Monitoring
  • Downhole Chemical Automation

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4th Production Chemicals Optimization Unconventional Oil & Gas 2018

Following the huge turnout and resounding success of the third Production Chemical Optimization conference, American Business Conferences proudly launches the 4th Annual Production Chemicals Optimization 2018, returning to Houston, Texas in June, led by a mammoth line-up of production chemical experts.

This year's fully loaded three-day agenda is a direct reflection of the industry's most pressing issues, and features solution-driven case studies and discussions guaranteed to exceed the industry's expectations. Hear best practice case studies and participate in hard-hitting discussions led by E&Ps to effectively treat Paraffin, Corrosion, Scale, H2S and Bacteria in Horizontal wells to prevent downhole failures, lower lifting costs and ensure wells produce at profitable rate.

Pre-Conference Technical Workshop: June 26 2018

In-Depth Training Study > The chemistry, lab development and field application of Metal Sulfide inhibition, H2S scavengers and fresh looks at Paraffin wax control

Two Day E&P Driven Conference: June 27 and 28 2018

Day 1 Focus   Cost-Effective Chemical Applications, Cost-Reduction Mechanism &Innovative Chemical Blends To Control Paraffin & Corrosion, While Optimizing Chemical injection & Delivery

Day 2 Focus Effective Chemical Monitoring Strategies And Automated Solutions To Lower Lifting Cost And Improve Performance + Effectively Manage Scale, H2S, TDS And Bacteria Through The Application Of Innovative Inhibitors And Scavengers

Multiple Registration Options | Make Sure You Don't Miss Out

+ Subsidized E&P Registration Rates      + Group Discounts For E&Ps & Vendors     

+ Sponsorship & Exhibition Options         + Fully Interactive Live Stream Option

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Now Open For 2018

Please contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths or to request a floor plan.

I look forward to welcoming you to Houston in June 2018.

Kind regards,

Alishba Jan

Divisional Director - Oil & Gas - American Business Conferences

2018 Agenda Highlights

Brand New Focus Areas In 2018: Detailed Approach To Production Chemicals Optimization




  • Improved Production Chemical Regimes: E&P plans of action & competitive strategies of success to optimize recovery & runtime at a profitable rate
  • Maximize The Value Of Your Chemical Program: Correlate chemical cost per gallon and performance to establish the ROI of chemical programs
  • New & Innovative Production Chemistries: Optimize chemical selection & injection to treat horizontal wells
  • Optimal Injection Rate: Maximize well performance, achieve 100% schedule conformance and avoid over and under injecting
  • Chemical Delivery Systems: Ensure chemicals reach optimal downhole depths to treat horizontals
  • Smarter Paraffin & Corrosion Management: Tried-and-tested application to inhibit, control & eliminate paraffin


  • Optimal Chemical Monitoring Programs: Monitor chemical injection accuracy & timelines and chemical performance
  • Monitor & Track Tank & Pump Levels : Know volumes of chemicals being used daily & monthly to avoid over-injection
  • Scale Management Strategies : Learn how to manage scale with new chemicals & technologies
  • H2S Treatment Strategies : Application of innovative non-Triazine based scavengers
  • Unique Chemical Blends: Double and triple combination products to treat paraffin, corrosion, scale and/or H2S simultaneously
  • Bacteria & TDS Monitoring & Treatment Regimes: Produced water management from a chemical perspective
  • Optimize Chemical Delivery: Batch treatment | Continuous Injectionchieve


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