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3rd Annual Production Chemicals Optimization 2017: June 27, 28 & 29

'Only Production Chemical Meeting Globally That Focuses On Production Chemicals ' - Director, Upstream Chemicals, Apache Corporation

If you are spending millions of dollars a year on production chemicals, you need to make sure your program performs.

Save The Date & Reserve Your Place early for the 3rd Annual Production Chemical Optimization 2017 congress, the number one production chemicals optimization event in North America returning to Houston, on June 27, 28 and 29.

The 2017 two day conference will not only deliver brand new E&P success stories, new technologies and innovative ways of operating chemical programs to efficiently reduce lease operating expenses, but also give you the added option of attending specially designed pre-conference workshops to explore ways to implement the latest tools to market within a practical context.

Operators In The Room In 2016: A Larger Turnout Expected In 2017

ConocoPhillips, Apache Corporation, Concho Resourcs, Liberty Resources, Anadarko Petroleum, Bluestone Natural Resources, Murphy Oil, Petrotex Energy Partners, Zarvona Energy, Fasken Oil & Ranch, Seven Generations Energy, Shell, Statoil, BHP Billiton, Chevron, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Pioneer Natural Resources, Oasis Petroleum Corporation, SNF Oil & Gas, EQT Corporation, Sanchez Oil & Gas, Sierra Resources, and more

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities Available

Following two consecutive years of sold-out exhibition, this is the only one-stop shop for North American E&Ps looking for the most innovative products, services and technologies in this space.

If having your company aligned with powerhouses in the industry is an important part of your strategy, this event gives you enormous opportunities to capitalize on. There is really no other event in the region that will give you the chance to meet all the active operators with the right purchasing job titles.

> Please contact the ABC team at or call us on (1) 800 721 3915

2017 Agenda Launches Soon

Case Studies & Discussions Featured In 2016

Day 1: Improving Chemical Programs, Proactively Treating Paraffin, Corrosion & H2S

  • Optimizing Chemical Programs: Assessing how new chemistries and chemical delivery systems are cost effectively treating paraffin, corrosion and H2S whilst efficiently reducing lease operating expenses
  • Reducing Paraffin Buildup : Detailed study of formations, temperatures, pressures and pump settings accessible to paraffin to predict and plan ahead before it occurs
  • Paraffin Treatment: Chemical Application, Mechanical Treatment & Hot Watering: Actual case histories from fields where operators have resolved paraffin issues
  • Corrosion & H2S Treatment: Cost-effective corrosion and H2S treatments being applied to draw lessons for developing sustainable chemical programs

Day 2: Chemical Delivery System, H2S Treatment, New Chemical Types, Automation & Remote Monitoring, Artificial Lift & Failure Rates

  • Low-Cost Delivery Systems : Evaluating low cost chemical delivery systems to ensure chemicals effectively reach optimal depths in the system
  • H2S Chemical Delivery : Evaluating techniques and delivery mechanisms to cost effectively deliver chemicals and keep wells online.
  • Data Management : Making decisions on data to minimize risk and optimize cost
  • Automation & Real-Time Monitoring : How automation and real-time monitoring strategies can be applied to chemical programs to ensure effective delivery treatment
  • Artificial Lift Challenges :Learn how to cost effectively deliver chemical when using Rod Pumps and ESPS to reduce failure rates and maximize returns





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