Pre-Conference Oil Field Chemistry Training Program: Tuesday June 25, 2019


Registration Opens at 9:00am

For those unfamiliar of the inner workings of production chemical management, one can overlook the criticality of this small step when producing oil. It is easy to focus on the large pieces of equipment, the intricacies in the process steps for all of it to work together, while also ensuring that it all runs safely and efficiently. Challenges arise impacting flow, asset integrity, or an unplanned event that stops production and then suddenly chemical management has a monumental impact.
Typically, oil producers spend a few cents on the dollar on their overall chemical spend when compared to other OPEX related expenses. It might appear to be wise to negotiate the few cents less per gallon to keep within necessary cost parameters.

However, are you really maximizing the value added from your chemical provider?

Is the total cost of investment and operations reviewed when discussing the full chemical management program?

Is the life cycle of the well taken into account alongside the root causes of past well failures?

Do you know if your chemical provider can offer both the research efforts and active field results that can bring innovative answers to a wide range of issues not just one?
Advances in oilfield chemistry should support oil and gas producers in achieving more efficient operations in the long run, from drilling to processing.

During this 3-hour pre-conference training program, you will learn more about:

  • The importance of an effective chemical management program
  • The pitfalls when not implemented correctly
  • True field case studies that will enhance your oilfield production capabilities

Casey LaGraize, Global Key Account Manager,  Clariant

Christopher Rodriguez, North American Biotechnology SME, Clariant

Jason Hook, Permian Basin Technical Manager, Clariant

Nick Nikam, EOR Mechanical Integrity Engineer Advisor, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

12:30pm Refreshments Served For All Training Course Attendees

Follow this link to register your place :


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