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2019 Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Unparalleled Networking, Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities For Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Providers Of:

  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Paraffin Dispersants
  • Crystal Modifiers
  • Corrosion Solvents
  • Sampling Service Companies
  • Combination Products/Blends
  • Scale Squeezers
  • H2S Scavengers
  • Non-Triazene Based Scavengers
  • Dissolvable Systems
  • Coil Tubing Companies
  • Chemical Atomizers
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Automated Chemical Pumps
  • Treater Trucks
  • Continuous injection systems
  • Capillary Strings
  • Dissolvable Systems
  • Coil Tubing Companies
  • Chemical Atomizers
  • Chemical Pumps
  • Automated Chemical Pumps
  • Treater Trucks
  • Continuous injection
  • Production Chemical Automation
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Automated Chemical Injection Solutions
  • Remote Tank Level Monitoring
  • Downhole Chemical Automation

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Paul Mason

Chemical Management Systems Coordinator

Apache Corporation

1973 - 1980, contact pumper for Signal Oil & Gas, worked my way through Texas Tech University earning a Bachelor of Science Degree. 1980 - 1983, worked for Crystal Oil Company as an Assistant Foreman, working production management, primary duty, knowledge of production equipment, pinpoint production problems and assigned well work priorities including workovers. 1983 - 2010, worked five years in Technical Services for Tretolite and BJ Chemical Services, worked as an Account Manager for 12 years and a District Manager for 10 years, 25 years of continuous service for BJ Chemical Services. 2010 - 2014, worked as the Technical Director for Rockwater in the Continental US, managing area labs, working problem areas as well as new business opportunities. 2014 - 2016, worked for NALCO Champion as Regional Technical Manager in the Permian Basin, managing area labs, working problem areas as well as new business opportunities. 2016 to the present, Chemical Management System Coordinator for Apache in the Permian Basin, 10,000 producing wells, water flood, CO2 flood and conventional production, 75% of the wells are rod pumped with the remaining 25%, gas lift, ESP, flowing, plunger lift and jet pump.

My goal as the CMS Coordinator, is to manage the Permian chemical programs to ensure we promote a proactive relationship with our chemical companies, our Field Personnel, Production Foremen and District Managers, which direct the chemical companies to drive our chemical programs to be efficient and cost effective.


2019 Agenda Highlights

Presentations & Discussions Led By E&P Operators & Chemical Giants




  • Developing Improved Production Chemistry Management Strategies: Focusing On Driving Well Efficiencies & Cost Reduction
  • E&P Production Chemicals Strategies Where Well Performance, Efficiencies And Costs Are Optimized
  • Paraffin Mitigation & Control: Best Practices To Mitigate And Control Paraffin Deposition To Save Remedial Time And Avoid Shut-Ins
  • Paraffin Treatment & Removal: Different Inhibitors To Extract Paraffin: Understand The Exact Process To Move Paraffin Out Of Your Well
  • Emerging Technologies For Paraffin Wax Control: New & Emerging Technologies That Are Effectively Controlling Paraffin: Saving Dollars And Improving Efficiencies
  • What Is The E&Ps Biggest H2S Related Challenge? Fully Understand The E&P Companies' Greatest Struggles To Formulate Improved Approaches For Prevention, Mitigation And Treatment
  • Non-Triazine Scavengers Case Histories: Effectively Treat And Remove H2S
  • Prevent Scale Buildup: Findings From Field Trials To Understand How To Keep Scales From Precipitating And Building Up
  • Scale Treatment & Control Programs: Application & Effectiveness Of Scale Inhibitors And Scale Squeezers For Treating Build-Up Without Causing Production Losses


  • Roll-Out Automation On A Large Scale: Cost-Effectively Implement Automation And IoT Solutions On A Large Scale And Optimize Production Chemical Programs
  • Using IoT & Automation To Optimize Chemical Injection & Delivery: Ensure Chemicals Are Delivered To The Right Place, At The Right Time And In The Right Proportions
  • Liquid And Chemical Monitoring Solutions: How Measurement Tools Can Ensure Timely Delivery Of Chemicals & Achieve Real Time Monitoring Of Chemical Quantities
  • Corrosion Monitoring: Sensor Technologies & Predictive Analytics To Monitor Corrosion And Ensure Asset Integrity
  • Cost-Effective Corrosion Treatment & Control: Innovative Chemistries For Treating Corrosion: Prevent Equipment Failure & Production Downtime
  • Halite Inhibition: Treatment Options And Chemical Programs To Prevent Halite Deposition While Reducing Water Usage
  • Monitoring Chemical Programs : Use New Real-Time Monitoring Technologies To Screen Down Hole Conditions And Optimize Chemical Programs And Performance
  • New Simulation Fluids & Chemistries: New & Improved Simulation Fluids And Chemicals To Effectively Address And Eliminate Production Challenges
  • Optimize Artificial Lift Run Life: Increase Artificial Run Time And Improve Equipment Integrity And Life

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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